Precious stones and stolen thrones vanish in a day
and your golden rings, your silver rings
will crumble and decay
silks and satins and crimson velvet
will someday fade away
but the stones will stand across the land
and Iove will have its day.

Change will come to everyone?
never question why
sticks and stones will break your bones
and words will make you cry
the sun will shiver, the moon will crumble
and vanish from the sky
but the hills remain, love's the same?
love will never die.

I can see the lights below us
twinkle like the stars
and I know they're waiting patiently
for the day to break again.

Distant skies? different eyes?
change has come so fast
and a mother of pearl distant girl
clutches at the past
but in the sunset I see your eyes
and they tell me nothing's lost
while the rocks remain, loves the same,
strong love will last.