You'll find him hard to recognise,
Cos he won't dress in black.
He wears a suit of gold lame.
With velvet front and back.
But he can touch your trembling heart,
Can touch your very soul:
He'll take you with him when he leaves,
He'll make your dreams turn old.

Some people say that he's a fiend,
A devil in disguise,
He'll promise love and happiness
Bright lights before your eyes,
And still you know you can't refuse,
No matter what you think.
You just got to taste the glamour
Ovations as you sink.

Ride your nightmare,
On your ride to hell,
Ride your nightmare,
On your ride.

He alone can read the signs
And he can read them well,
But where he gets his power,
There's no one here can tell.
So if you're out alone at night,
Be sure to take a friend
Cos it gets awful lonely,
In a world that never ends.

He’s sure to come a calling
When the shades of night are drawn
a twisted blackthorn in his hand,
He’ll linger until dawn.
You wish to stay forever young,
But only he knows how,
It’s his blessing, it’s his curse,
And it’s your decision now………