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Whitby stands face to face across the river.
Twice a day the ride pushes back and tries to split the town just a little more.
Twice a day the harbour basin floods and brings it all together again for rhe cameras.

Cook and Caedmon face to face across the river span the tides and times of the town.
Cook's statue to endeavour, resolution, and discovery. The great adventure from the St. Lawrence
to the Tasman seas.  A man's life and his bones for a South Sea Shilling. Caedmon's cross to music
and learning. A Celtic wholeness of spirit and passion, a sense of place in the Earth and by its
Seas rejected for the keys to the gates of Heaven by a Northumbrian King whose wife, they say,
wanted fish on Friday.  In the West, Cook's memorial with its feet of clay, and in the East,
Caedmons', tall upon rock.  And for a few days every year the Sun rises and sets over the
North Sea, casting their shadows equally.

A huddle of rooftops jostling for position on a postcard. An old town with ancient streets overlaid
upon even older fields. Cobbles clattering with the ghosts of clogs and tourist heels. Yards echoing
with the singing and sighing of songs to prosperity.  A map that Whaling men and Merchant men
would recognise and pubs they could still drink dry and practice laughter in a common tongue.

A place of trades and trading places. A place of day long entertainments where people can meet
and talk, and talk some more, and forget where they were going and go back the way  they came,
and complain about the hills, and keep that timeless time that living here successfully means.

From Cook to Caedmon tides regulate things at Whitby. The ordinary octaves of people and their
lives, all flows with the music of the Place, the Sea and its Tides.
In the Georgian Drawing room that is England
                                            Whitby is the Angel on the Mantlepiece.                   Tommy Randell.


Ocean of Storms
Concertina • Bing Pipe Organ • String Section

Concertina • Bing Pipe Organ • String Section • Percussion

Comes a Calm
Classical Guitar • Kalimba • Melodeon • Piano • Acoustic Bass • Drums • Percussion

Bottom Buttons
Classical Guitar • Kalimba • Melodeon • Piano • Acoustic Bass • Drums • Percussion

In Your Own Time
Mandolin • Piano • Stnng Section • Bowed Guitar • Accoustic Bass • Percussion

Skinner's Treat
Concertina • Melodeon • Piano Jews Harp • Drums • Percussion

Circles Round the Moon
Concertina • Ukelele • Spanish Guitar

Angel on the Mantlepiece
Mandolins • Accordion • Guitar • Piano • De-tuned Spanish Guitar • Drums • Percussion

Basket of Bones
Concertina • Violin • Ukelele • Melodeon • Percussion

Chocolate Cats
Concertina • String Section • Piano

The Grand Tour
Piano • Accordion • Mandolin Section • Ukelele • Drums • Acoustic Bass • Percussion

When the Long Trick's Over
Concertina • Ukelele

Concertina • Violin • Harpsichord • Melodeon • Ocarina • Percussion

Ocean of Storms
Concertina • String Section


Charles O'Connor
Concertina • Melodeon • Violins Mandolin • Kalimba • Percussion Harpsichord • Guitar • Jews Harp
Paul Whittaker
Guitars • Ukelele • Acoustic Bass • Drums • Pipe Organ • Percussion • Accordion • Ocarina
Phil Moore
Grand Piano on: Skinners Treat • In Your Own Time • Comes a Calm • Chocolate Cats • The Grand Tour
Chris Parkinson
Melodeon on: Skinners Treat , Accordion on: Bottom Buttons • Angel on the Mandepiece • The Grand Tour

Special Thanks to; Murray Head • Chris Parkinson • Phil Moore •Brunswick Methodist Chapel • Caedmon School Tommy and Terry Randell • James Spencer • Steve Phillips • Mark Liddell • Friends of the Black Swan
Numi, Gwendoline and Aphra, and the rest of our Families and Friends for undying enthusiasm.

Written and Produced by Charles OConnor and Paul Whittaker

Recorded and Mixed at Harold Villa • Whitby • North Yorkshire

CD Available on Koch Records. ASIN B00000 J8LD

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