High Volume Love.

Now I was creeping through the night
Sliding through the shadows keeping out of sight
Cos when you're lonely and on your own
You haven't got a basement you can call your home.
The last dance had come and gone

Lost my waltzing partner couldn't carry on.
And then I saw her dressed in silk
Leaning back on velvet she was white as milk

Now I can hear it, high volume love
Now I can hear it, high volume love
Everytime I hear that voice I want to run but I got no choice
Cos I can hear it, high volume love.

Now she was lonely all her life
Always looking for a better slice
And she was nervous or so it seemed
Anyone could shatter all her fragile dreams
I was blinded couldn't see
Scarlet painted woman put a spell on me
And I believed her when she lied
Told me she had love that couldn't be denied.

But now there's thunder in the air
Hear that devil's laughter ringing everywhere
And I'm alone now but never free
High Volume Love has got a hold on me
If you see me puss me by
Anyone would think I got the right to die
But I'm a prisoner and I'm in pain
She controls the whip and she controls the cane.