Everything Will be Alright.

You won t let me see your daughter
Make her turn her back on me
But like the barley in the breeze
I’m always moving free.
And when the songbird s in her nest
I call on her at night.
We often outstay moonbeams……. sing
Everything will be alright
You won t let me build a spire
Reach out to the sky.
You cut one from my living god,
Can t see him till I die.
You won t even let me learn.
I dream but cannot write.
I often hear a song in dreams ... sings
Everything will be alright.

I bought a gun
From a soldier on the run
Just to teach a thing or two.
But I threw it back
Took up my harp
Tried to make my dreams come true.

You try to cut me from the land
Bid men move out to die.
Your shadow moves across the sun,
Soon poets start to lie.
But theirs will always be a song
Of smiles that bring the light.
The man behind the dark can hear me ... saying
Everything will be alright.