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She's got another think coming
if she's thinking that he'll stay
he only met the girl the other day
And she told him he'd find work
if he stayed with her
but no work's come his way
he can't go on just living for today
He's a stranger to this city this country
and he's got too much to do
has to move can't spend more time with you.

He thinks that his leaving's due
He thinks their long weekend's through.


Shout she cried
if the city is dust in your eyes
Phone she pleads
if the city is full of those street traffic sighs.


In the cafe on the corner she's sitting

expecting him to show
while in her heart she knows he has to go
The other night she captured all of his attention

but now as planes fly by
he turns his face from her and stares at the sky

Confession time will make her sad
can't help making her blue
Because he knows their long weekend's through


He knows that his leaving's due
He knows their long weekend's through.


Write she says
if you're needing a friend along the way
Come back some time
I've no reason to leave you know that I'll stay
In the cafe on the corner she's sitting
expecting him to show.

A reel played by Charles on tenor guitar

Recorded at Grouse Lodge Studios. Horsleap, Co. Westmeath, August - September 2004.
Produced by Horslips.
Engineered by Stefano Soffia and Ivan O'Shea.
Mixed by Stefano Soffia.
Mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Peter Mew.
Photography and Design: Charles O'Connor.
Artwork: Charles O'Connor and Chris Ellis.
Representation: Shay Hennessy.

Eamon Carr: Drums, Percussion
Barry Devlin: Bass, Vocals
Jim Lockhart: Piano, Keyboard, Low Whistle, Vocals
Johnny Fean: Guitar. Tenor Guitar, Slide Guitar, Tenor Banjo, Vocals
Charles O'Connor: Guitar. Tenor Guitar, Violin. Concertina, Mandolin, Vocals
Cello on Cuchulainn's Lament and Furniture: Aisling Drury Byrne.

A big thank you to:
Denis Desmond, Lewis Kovac, Shay & Ian Hennessy, Maurice Linnane, Jim Nelis, Noel Ferris, Stephen Ferris, Paul Callaghan,
everyone at Grouse Lodge, Pat Maguire, Steve Iredale,
Curly and Lalla, Paddy Goodwin, Karen Coyne, Aaron Heffernan, Paul Barrett, Johnny Juke, Mark Solomons, the superhuman GB crew and our long-suffering families.

In memory of Sue Calvert.

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