Welcome to a special addition to this site.

Here we've gathered together several newspaper cuttings relating to the Horslips Exhibition hosted at the Orchard Gallery, Derry, in Spring 2004.

The links to the various Journals presented on the left will open out to reveal the relevant dates from which each cutting is taken.

When you have selected the link a scanned image of the newpaper cutting will appear at Thumbnail size.

You have control. By using your mouse interactively, you will be able to resize the images to an appropriate size, and pan the image around to view it.

The hints at the top-left of this page will stay in place as a reminder.

Notes - please read:

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The largest image (in terms of filesize) is 320 kilobytes - this should take slightly less than 60 seconds to fully download over a 56K modem.

In order to make the images downloadable for slower modems - they have been heavily "optimised" for internet useage. This often results in some degradation of quality.

That's the excuse and we're sticking to it!